Jumat, 27 Januari 2012


Uchu version

When the palm of your hand sweating,
Heart dag dig dug,
You sound like a stuck
in the throat
That's not LOVE,
But LIKE ... ....

If your hands can not stop
Hold and touch,
That's not LOVE,
But lust ... ... ...

If you want it because
Know he'll always be beside you
That's not LOVE,
But pity ... ... ...

If you are willing to give
All that you love for him,
That's not LOVE,
But mercy HEART ... ... ..

If you tell him
That he is the only
The person you're thinking,
That's not LOVE,
But the rag ... ... ...

Love is;
If you accept the shortcomings
Willingly gave his heart, life, even life-
Your heart was torn when he was sad and happy if he is happy
Cry for his pain
You are interested in other people but you are still faithful with him.

Love is sacrifice, love means giving yourself. Love is the death of selfishness and egocentrism, sometimes it's painful, but that's a price to pay for a LOVE.
by; uchunyomans@rocketmail.com

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